‘This is a man’s world’ – that we share equally with women…

As a male working for two women let me preface by saying I have no problem in this.

On the underground this morning on the way to work there was one, much coveted after seat left empty. I saw a chance and took it. Had there been an elderly or disabled person left standing I would have left the seat open with no malice.

There was however one young lady my age who was left standing.

Now I am a gentleman, but I think it comes to a point. Women have struggled for an eternity in trying to achieve equal rights. Well there it is, your equal right to stand. So do I need a dirty look? I don’t think so.

Needless to say she departed the underground a stop later and I was left riding for another eight…

I just think it isn’t a case of pick and choose when it suits you, if you wish to be treated equally then it really is a case of swings and round abouts. Man is stubborn enough to wave the rights of seating to achieve the rights we do, women should be too…

I doubt there was ever a successful lady who wasn’t prepared to stand up for what she believed in…So no. I will not stand for eight straight stops because the very convention that they rebel against says so.


One response to “‘This is a man’s world’ – that we share equally with women…

  1. 22 August 2010 12:13
    Personally I demand the right to stand – we won that right to equality so I have no problem with it. Would I give up my seat for a man? Of course, if he were older/disabled etc but then that is just basic human decency.

    You did right!

    Viv Moghal

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