The success rate of failure

Dole Scum…

We brandish those on the dole as scum, and let me start by saying i would love to live in a world where a job market could sustain a 0% unemployment rate.

This however is not the case, people moan and moan about there not being enough jobs, and as soon as they get one, they moan about the unemployed seeking tax benefits from their hard earned money.

Seems to me it’s either or, if all these dole ‘scum’ flooded the job market then there would be no jobs, thats for sure. There failings lead directly to my success, they reduce competition and the keep the job market open.

It’s an edge I don’t mind paying for…until the job market improves let them waste their potential. It’s a growing phenomenon, dole ‘scum’ that is. As far as I can tell it only benefits me.

Further more paves the way for hard working foreign people to escape their lives of torture and woe to come earn an honest pound, for those who want to work toward equality and honesty. Dole ‘scum’…no they don’t bother me one little bit.

Keep it up guys…you’re making me look good.


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