The unrespected respectable ones

A Short dialog depicting my views of our proudest nationals.

“My name is Dave, I have made a mistake, probably my own fault, possibly not, but a mistake all the same, but one thing I am sure of is that I never wanted nor expected to end up homeless.

As it is I am in the part of society that commands the least respect of all. This doesn’t shock me, I am filthy, smelly, I sleep on the streets and beg every day for what essentially is the scraps and remains of the population.

Tomorrow if I robbed a shop owner at knife point I would either be ‘better of or better of’. If the robbery was a success then for the first time in a long time I would have a wedge of money in my back pocket. A real chance. If the robbery was a failure then I would go to jail…I would be given a bed, friends, food, shelter, a gym, and the chance to watch television and have people safeguarding my security at all times.

So why wont I? Why wont I commit crime that only warrants a better condition of life for me. Because it is wrong. Realistically I have no chance to ever live a normal life, with a job, wife and kids. There isn’t any white going to whisk me away, least not to anyplace nice. Nobody is out to help me, bit I still wont commit crime.

Every day people pass me with ignorance and disgust, and I do not steal from them, I beg…It’s hard to do, but I do it.

Do you respect those qualities? Because thats what we the homeless are, an army of people too proud to give up. Battling every day for survival and dropping like flies.

You tell me then what makes a man respectable? If ignoring your own kind to see them live like scum in the street as you casually walk past us every day in blissful ignorance makes you a respectable man then keep me on the streets. Where self respect is all we homeless have.”


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