Hand held revolution

As I lay here watching my blackberry mobile correct my bad grammer and spelling automatically, well, as best as it can. I can not help but be reminded of the first piece of real technology I ever got my hands on. I remember it had a dial up modem and windows 95. Not forgetting its impressive eight mega byte hard drive. I wonder what I would have said then if someone showed me a hand held computer with a camera and phone that was also a digital music player and games console. Then I wonder what I would have said if they had told me in ten years I would have one. Its stands to reason that technology has for sure came a long way, but really how much better can it get? In another ten years to come will I be pondering the very same conclusion that technology seems to be an ever evolving phenomenum? Its to be sure a shocking concept…I wonder what lays instore for us and more so what gadgets will our children be asking us to buy when programing out grows us? I guess one thing is for sure. Only time will tell.

Written using my blackberry mobile.


One response to “Hand held revolution

  1. Hmmnnnnn, I agree with all your comments!

    Just watching the baseball and in the adverts I saw something amazing. There’s this electronic device you can now buy and its called something like Hot spot bubble. If you have no internet/wireless connection you press this little thing – its the size of a mobile and it creates a wireless hot spot bubble around you and you can have a connection to the internet.



    Viv Moghal

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