Greed – a legal idealism

There was a time when greed was once considered a moral sin, now it seems its a crucial need in modern society. I look at greed then I look at hope and I find it hard to differentiate between the two. Everyone’s hopes now ride on the back of ‘success’ being the parentally guided word for wealth.

Wealth has became the new happiness. It’s became the new everything for that matter. Fuelled by the media for sure; however the media is there simply because we allow it to be. We all fund the very magazines, TV shows and websites that allow us all to buy into greed. It’s a vicious circle, probably unchangeable. They say money can’t buy love…I’m not sure who prioritizes it any more.

I work in an industry that sucks every sociable minute out of your day, your left with the latest of nights and earliest of mornings, and why?

“we’ve all gotta a mortgage to pay right?”

But it’s more then that, so much more, If I’m offered an extra three hours in a day my brain will instantly work out (3 Hours X Wage)/time spent away from family = Success. The value of money far succeeds the value of anything else. It’s reasoned out with phrases such as; bread winning, Security, stability and rent. Greed. Greed. Greed.

Greed doesn’t just come in the form of money though, We are greedy as a society in every sense of the word, adultery, envy, lust these are all words that essentially spawn from the word greed.

“Greed fuels the world.”

It fuels our cars, planes, ships, ovens, schools, ambulances, hospitals. Greed works. However there always has to be victim to any sin. Such countries and leaders do not need to named. The shame is far too great and the list is nearly endless, we all know the cost of our misgivings. Donating to a charity once a year isn’t an excuse…But hey, shirts for £4 is a bargain so we’ll only moan about the travesties that relate directly to politics right, at least we have a scapegoat there. We can ignore that a penny saved here is a penny stolen elsewhere.

I think people should take a look at greed and see what it has done for society before they brandish it a bad thing, unless your willing to change the way you live you have to live the way we have all changed. Get Greedy or get going…


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