Revolutionary Road

This film is a social drama come thriller. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet with a few other familiar faces thrown in there for good measure. All in all I was very excited to watch this, successful trailer, talent on screen working a non-conventional mainstream script, though not too far away from what we know DiCaprio and Winslet can pull of best. This type of film is really right up my street.

Nothing bad can be said about the performances, all very believable and truly talented actors playing a great melodrama in the suburban house holds of America. The non-linear plot line was subtle and explained important aspects of the film giving what essentially was a 2 hour argument a lovely feeling at times.

The films ending, and by ending i really mean the majority of the film, was horrifically tragic and left me feeling morbidly depressed. It comments, very successfully, on huge aspects of modern relationships. Which left me pondering why anyone would make a film so horrifically upsetting.

In my opinion that is how the film works, it’s a series of moments anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to however every moment in the film sad, filled with angst and constantly remind you; You’re relationship may/will fail, You’re plans may\will not work out and unfortunately we’re all destined for normality. Escape is impossible…

If your relationship is on the rocks then this would be the film to push you over. Probably not a watch for everybody. Remember the irony of the actors playing these roles are millionaires and you might not make a snap, life changing, decision because they are convincing.

Still, it’s had me in thought and caused me to write so I’ll pay the film it dues and give it an 8 out of 10.


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