A Break From Esteban The Great

Though you will never truly understand through reading my text, nor will I ever truly able to explain through writing, I feel it necessary for the story to be told.

As a breeze passed over my scornful mood it brought with it a cold sound that rang only an addictive sadness throughout my entire. I found myself speeding up, almost chasing as though to lose this spell of wind would be to lose the sound. I stumbled to a corner, paused, the sound wasn’t going anywhere. I ran into my local coffee shop, ‘Americano – black – take-away’. Phil started to pack my usual Verona Chocolate muffin and I stopped him, “not today Phil, I got to go see a man about a song.” He laughed and sent me on my way.

As I stood amongst the millions of dead poets and composers he had conjured from the past. I too was engulfed in what must be a tragedy of magnificent proportion. To this day I will never know what the homeless man was playing on the guitar, he was singing an opera in a foreign language but I will never forget the sound. I like to call it ‘Homeless Lament’, or something to that nature. His sorrow came through in a way that was universal to anyone who had ever lost in their life. It spoke to everybody, his entire story, his heart break, all through the tones in his voice and the sadness in his eyes.

People came and went, stopped and walked, tossed pennies and pounds and I just stood. My knees were trembling…my soul moved and my heart broken. What had I ever lost, what huge catastrophe in my life would ever allow that much sorrow in my eyes. What could have happened to this classically trained ex-gentleman? His voice and his talent with his instrument were impeccable. Oh what great heights he must have fallen from. A single tear fell down his cheek as he finished. My urges took over my social normality any I began to applaud. I knew there was one pound and eighty six pence in my pocket because it was my last. As my quivering legs stalked over I dropped it in his hat and fell beside him. My arm crossed his shoulders and I asked for his story. Thus did begin the story of


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