Lesson in the city.

An excerpt from my diary.

Once Jackson and I were very hard up for cash; it was a day before pay-day and we had long since run out of cigarettes. We knew wages were not processed until around 12:30 for HSBC and 02:30 for NatWest. We descended into the City of Newcastle on a Thursday night/Friday morning. The nicotine levels were at an all-time low and boredom had truly set in. We hit the streets outside all the closed pubs looking for large cigarette stubs to smoke. People often smoke outside pubs whilst waiting for taxi’s and drop near full cigarettes when their car arrives. We then checked behind all the bus stops, where people frequently check their pockets and take things in and out whilst drunk.

After an hour or so we came across a full box of pre-rolled Amber Leaf cigarettes. We could not believe our luck. We smoked like kings and stayed in town to be near the cash points. There is a chip shop in the Big Market that sells a variety of tobacco, drugs and food. We hauled in after Jackson had been paid and bought 20 Lambert and Butler each, glory! On exit of the city we passed two homeless people asleep in a doorstep. I turned to Jackson and said; “Let’s leave the cigarettes we found with them, they will need them more than we do now.”

We left the box between the two sleeping men and exited their company, quietly feeling good about ourselves. We had given back to the city the luck it had bestowed upon us at our lowest moment. You have to respect karma. You have to respect the city.


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