Ashtrays and art.

Have you ever looked at an ashtray after a party? It’s disgusting. I don’t mean the actual sight of the cigarettes, or the smell. I mean the sheer amount of monetary value that has been inhaled and stubbed out. You’re  literally looking at hundreds of pounds in a grey awful foul mound.

In a bid to change I have started to transform my used smoking material into art. Did you think I was going to quit? You were very wrong.

Here is some of the work I have been doing, so as you know it is now framed. So enjoy.

Here I have taken a simple Rizzla packet, opened it up, turned it around and made it into a fun face. I have used the green roach card as a tongue and hey presto! You have a face that can lick you all over!

Yum Yum!

Empty filter packets? Turn them into his and hers strong people, ready to guard your shelves and keep an eye on your precious things!

It’s like blue peter for the unemployed party goers. Art attack for the bored senseless hung over masses. I say stop wasting your money on disposable cigarettes and start making art for yourself!


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