Did I leave that open?

I’m currently writing a personal assessment profile for university. I left my document running and returned to find my mother had made some alterations to my text.

It’s funny because it’s true?

5. Communication:

I find myself equally effective when trying to communicate my ideas through speaking, writing and listening. From an early age I was forced to listen to my mother constantly ramming her extreme views of feminism and hatred of all men down my throat and it paid off to develop a ‘listening’ and ‘nodding’ approach to the ranting for if I didn’t she would frequently ground me for at least a whole week. As my teenage years approached I found my voice and honed my speaking skills in order to argue back, throw diverse arguments at her and ultimately manipulate her in order to get my own way. When I was forced to leave home to get away from her I then developed my writing skills in order to continue to prove many points:  a) that I was still alive b) that I was not a permanent drunk and c) that I was not on drugs. 


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