Dabbling in poetry.

I wrote some poetry in my creative writing class today. we were working on beat and rhythm, so I focussed on haiku’s and syllable structure. It made for a nice change.


Examples of Haiku – 5,7,5

Smokey bonfire smells remind me of my girlfriend and cold winter evenings.

The smoke rises up
Bright lights embrace my eyes
I hold her closer

Crunching leaves remind me of the 5 years I spent walking home from school past Linthorpe cemetery. Kicking the autumn leaves into huge piles.

Crunching leaves beneath
A golden floor of decay
Soon they are all gone

The first taste of chilli peppers reminds me of eating in a cornfield in Pakistan.

Endless cornfields here
I am lost in bright yellow
And hidden in green

Example of Tanka – 5,7,5,7,7

Endless cornfields here
I am lost in bright yellow
And hidden in green
I snap and break the branches
i’ll be punished with chilli

Example of Cinquain – 2,4,6,8,2

Tapping so close
Swaying softly in wind
Shadows move continuously
I see.

10 syllables X 10 lines

A window is the furthest from my view
Framed by the faded brick of their home
Victorian black slate tiles falling down
A constant tapping as the tree branches
Make requests upon my bedroom window
I know that he exists across the view
And I fear he may pop out and catch me
Spying on domesticated nature
If I jumped out now would I survive?
The trees would break my fall, falling, fallen


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