Just Another Piss Up

Here is a short poem, It is about the way I feel our current 20 somethings are unable to protest political issues in a sensible and meaning fashion. This example is taken from the drunken fiasco that was quite literally a celebration of Thatchers death.


Though I don’t have many good feelings toward the woman, I felt the protests/celebrations were distasteful and poorly executed.

Just Another Piss Up.

I saw the protesters, screams and shouts

a youth revolt out loud

grasping cans of carling

and shouting of a baroness now dead.

I heard the screams of idiots

silencing those less fortunate

with the real voice of protest hidden

amidst a party at Trafalgar square.

I smelt the failed burnings

of a rain soaked false idol

masking the royal blue flags

of the old and noble trained protester.

Then I felt the pain

of the first fist thrown in anger.

Is this the message we send?

of our northern sensibilities

to those whom think so little of us

and strangle our economy.

What a senseless reason for violence

when those so worse effected

wrote calm letters and proudly waved

their emblems and fleur de lis.

Just another piss-up

berated by the press.

Further devolving our principals,

further devolving our governments.


One response to “Just Another Piss Up

  1. an astute narrative – realistic slice of contemporary life

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